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How do I start?

Please select your desired package from the services page. Next, fill out the client inquiry form. You will be contacted via email in less than 24 hours with an invoice and accepted forms of payment. Simply submit your payment in full and voila, we get started.

How does the process work?

Once your fee has been paid, I will then send you a resume questionnaire to complete. This gives me the opportunity to understand your immediate career goals so I know exactly how to tailor your resume. The goal is to expand your resume passed a job description and really exemplify the value you bring to an employer.

After your questionnaire has been returned, I will review all documents and then we'll have our 1 hour consultation call.  The purpose of this call is to ask/answer any questions or to gain clarity based upon what was provided. Really, to understand you best so I can write the most effective resume. Turnaround time is based upon your selected service but begins the following business day of the call.

What is your turn around time?

It varies based upon your selected service. There is a turnaround time specified under each package

Why can't I have a generalized resume or cover letter?

Generalized resumes/cv's are ineffective as each role has its own specifications. Personalizing the cover letter allows you to stand out and exemplify the value you bring. Generic letters should be used during job fairs or instances where you are submitting your resume in response to a job posting or to a specific employer. Multiple position specific cover letters are available for order. 

Are there any discounts available?

Absolutely! Students and unemployed patrons are eligible for a 10% discount. 

Refund Policy: 

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. All services require an ample amount of time, effort, and research. If you are unsatisfied with any writing service, you must inform Impressume within 3 business days of receiving the final resume, 5 business days for drafts. You are guaranteed to have an additional consultation call to discuss discrepancies and a revised document within 30 calendar days of that consultation call.  

We value our customer relationships and strive to ensure satisfaction with our services. We encourage open communication and constructive feedback to resolve any issues promptly and amicably. The 30 day satisfaction guarantee does not apply to disputed services or charges. The moment a charge is disputed or a case is filed with the payment processor, your services are considered to be 100% rendered and final. 

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